Unscented Tapers

Standard Tapers

Our hand dipped taper candles are 7/8" diameter, and available in 39 colors. Choose from 6", 8", 10" or 12" length; boxes of six pairs.


Half Tapers

Our hand dipped tiny taper candles are 1/2" diameter, and available in 39 colors. Choose from 4 1/2", 6", or 10" lengths; boxes of twelve pairs. 


Hand Dipped Taper Candles - Unscented Colored Taper Candles



Our hand dipped candles feature a distinctive patterning that we call Spun Finish. Spun finish resembles the crisscrossed texture of spun sugar or linen fabric, and can be seen on all of our colored taper candles, including standard taper candles and tiny taper candles. It is a patterning that is unique to our candles, created both by custom wax blends and the ways in which Mole Hollow craftspeople hand dip our unscented taper candles. Our long taper candles make great dinner candles, candles for weddings, or unique candle gifts.

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